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How did you find out that you had Heart Failure (HF)? Maybe you tried to ignore the symptoms. Or to blame the changes on your age. But for one reason or another, you went to the doctor. Maybe even the hospital.

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For help with the challenges of actively managing HF and your treatment, register for the Keep It Pumping resource program, including the Heart Failure Handbook.


Is cardiac rehab right for you?

Hospitals and health care professionals provide you with the medical care you need when you need it. But just as important is what you do to manage your Heart Failure day in, day out.

Easing the transition

Actively managing Heart Failure may mean a whole new way of life for you. A new approach to what you eat. A new commitment to regular activity. Maybe extra medicines to take. It’s a lot to take on all at once.

For some people with Heart Failure, cardiac rehabilitation—cardiac rehab—can provide the individual support they need through this critical period, including:

  • A medical evaluation to find out what you can and can't do

  • A physical activity program to match your capabilities

  • Counseling on what it means to have HF and how to manage your risk with diet, nutrition, and prescription medicines

Ask the doctor about cardiac rehab

A professionally supervised cardiac rehab program can help you address your individual risk factors and adapt to the changes you need for a healthier lifestyle—such as diet, activity, and dealing with stress.

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Managing Heart Failure means following a plan

Actively managing Heart Failure can be quite a challenge. The aim is to keep weight and salt down, mood and activity high. Every day.

Here’s a simple form to record how you’re doing: a day at a time.

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