Heart Failure Experiences

Heart Failure Experiences

Personal perspectives on coping with Heart Failure (HF)

People with HF—and those who love them—go through many emotional experiences. There's the shock of learning you have a long-term disease called "Heart Failure" that will most likely get worse over time. Then rallying, along with the people who care about you, to do all you can to understand HF. As well as working with your doctor to find out how to cope—and get the right treatment for you.

Some people living with HF share their experiences here, hoping to help others like them.

Share your own Heart Failure Experience

Share your own
Heart Failure Experience

Watch these stories of patients and caregivers, then see how you can share your own Heart Failure Experience.

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Freddie’s experience

Freddie promised herself an active retirement. On her travels she got short of breath, and struggled to walk. Landing in the ICU, she was shocked to see HF on her chart.

Guest appearance: Queen Latifah talks about being her mother's caregiver

queen latifah heart failure

The award-winning actress, singer, songwriter, and producer has her own personal experience with HF. When her mother, Ms. Rita Owens, was diagnosed, Queen Latifah promptly took on the role of primary caregiver. Mother and daughter agreed to share their story as part of the American Heart Association's Rise Above Heart Failure initiative, supported by Novartis—to help spark a national dialogue about HF.

queen latifah heart failure

Share your Heart Failure Experience

Have you found these experiences helpful? It can be encouraging to see how other people cope with HF. If you have HF or you're caring for someone who does, your own experience may inspire others.

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